Co miłości po starości


„Co miłości po starości

Co miłości po starości

Ona już nie czuje namiętności

Tylko czułość jej została

Która namiętność zapamiętała


12 myśli na temat “Co miłości po starości

  1. Entering what is considered third age does not have to mean the end of expressions of affection and sexuality, because the only thing that changes is the way of relating. The human being is capable of loving until the last moment; and this ability to give and receive love is always a spur for life. Memories stick to the skin when you really love. I liked reading you.
    Manuel Angel


  2. Manuel, tell me if writing a passion full of passion comes to you just as easily for a woman, let’s say 75 years old, as for a beautiful young girl full of passion?
    How about the opposite, if you describe the relationship between a young man, teeming with sexuality, and a 75-year-old woman who is ailing and devastated by life, or will these two situations and two poems describing them be equally passionate?


    1. Sorry I hadn’t noticed your question.
      I usually write according to what I feel. To what has been lived. Otherwise, the verses could not come out with that intensity and passion.
      So I can assure you that sexual desire is maintained at that age in both men and women. Sure, as long as there is good health.
      Experience plays a fundamental role in feeling and making you feel full pleasure in a sexual encounter.
      And I can assure you that there are passionate women and in good shape, after 70.
      What happens is that it depends on what parameters you were raised to express your affective manifestations. If you inhibit yourself, you cannot enjoy the passion.

      Polubione przez 1 osoba

      1. I think biology has conditioned us
        Giving gender to other roles, he gave us
        And I don’t see anything wrong with that
        The man is the sower of life and the woman is the soil
        Yours joyfully let life grow and flourish in spring :))

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